12d Synergy Enterprise Version

The current version recommended for our Enterprise Clients is

We are now recommending V5 as our enterprise version. However, if you are looking for the V4 version, please see the V4 Enterprise version details.

If you are upgrading from V4, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss the upgrade path.

Each quarter, we review our current set of features and known issues to select the recommended enterprise version.

The previous enterprise release was

If you are not an enterprise customer, you may wish to consider selecting a more recent version, which is available here.

Due to recent changes in Chrome, HTTP links may no longer easily download. As a result, we have changed our links to use HTTPs. This may present problems for the client auto upgrader - please use the Auto Upgrader link below if you are setting the Web path for the Auto Upgrader.

Looking for the non enterprise release?


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